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Portless fulfills ecommerce orders directly from China to your customer's front door, shaving months of time and saving $$$ along the way.

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US and Canada-headquarters. Local tracking codes.

Container shipping was designed for retailers, not for ecommerce.

Inventory Problems

Ordering 2-3 months in advance requires guessing how much inventory to order. And if a product sells out, you are out of stock until the next container arrives

Unnecessary Costs

Container fees. Customs' duties. Terminal handling charges. Documentation fees. First mile costs. Second mile costs.

Cash Flow Problems

The gap between ordering inventory and delivering it to customers necessitates tying up valuable cash in inventory for 45-90 days

With Portless, cut out the wasted steps and deliver directly to your customers’ front doors

Build a healthier business with Portless

Portless takes work off your plate, frees up your cash flow, and let’s you focus on what you do best: growing your business.
Enhanced cash-flow
  • Limit inventory investment to factory MOQ rather than quantity needed for container shipping.

  • Inventory ready for sale within 2-4 days of product being manufactured

Improved Gross Margins
  • Eliminate container fees, import duties, terminal handling charges, and documentation fees

  • Eliminate 1st- and 2nd- mile shipping costs, and reduce your last-mile costs

  • Reduced storage and pick-and-pack costs

Nimble Inventory
  • Agile manufacturing drastically reduces inventory wastage

  • Replenish fast-moving products in 3-5 days to take capitalize on demand

  • One central fulfillment center ensures your inventory always stays balanced

Simple Global Expansion
  • Ship to over 30 countries from one central location

  • Receive local shipping rates and domestic tracking numbers

How it works

Fullfilling with Portless is easy to get started, and delightful for your customers.



Connect and integrate your store in seconds

We offer simple integrations with all major ecommerce platforms



Ship inventory to our China-based fulfillment center

Our North American-based account management team and English-speaking staff in China will hold your hand every step of the way.



Send us live orders from your software

We offer an array of customized packaging and shipping services.



We’ll deliver the item(s) directly to your customer

By shipping with the destination country’s domestic tracking number, your customer enjoys a local delivery experience.

A Tradition of Excellence

At Portless, we have shipped over 2.5 million cross-border packages with a 99.8% pick-and-pack accuracy and 98% on-time delivery rate.

We pride ourselves on providing white-glove customer service and the fastest response times in the industry.

Backed by some of the world’s best investors

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